fan-fact or fiction?

정윤호 & 김재중.

fan-fact or fiction? :  xenobia4 (jaeho detox)
nc-17, mystery, angst

A Dong Bang Shin Ki fan-fiction begins popping up all over the internet, which is not usually a bad thing. It is about one member in particular: Kim Jaejoong. But this story describes very explicit actions that occur between the DBSK member and the author. Very gruesome and illicit happenings. It’s all just a made-up story, right?

 Then, Jaejoong goes missing and no one has any idea of where he is. The other members and staff are frantic trying to find the missing member; the only clue to his whereabouts seems to be this strange story.

 This one story may end up being more fan-fact than fan-fiction then anyone ever imagined.

→ This chaptered fic is not posted in the author’s LJ, and it is like scattered all over jaeho detox, so I am posting the chapter links here…

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